About Us



It all started close to 15 years ago when my search to find a tuner for my own car kept leaving me unsatisfied with the result I received after spending hundreds and thousands of dollars with numerous different tuners and not being satisfied with the results.  

I decided that if I can build my own engines, and complete cars, I can learn how to tune them as well. I signed up for and attended some basic tuning tuning classes, only to find out that by learning how to use the softwares, I would have no issues tuning the engines.  I already had a vast knowledge of engines, and what they preferred to make optimum power, and reliability.

So the quest began, I bought an extra car, (civic) and bought another Hondata, and started experimenting(this was an inexpensive option to blowing up my own racecar).  

Needless to say it didn't take me long, I started tuning my own race car.  Found out I was way more picky than any tuner I used, and was way more satisfied with the result. So I started offering my friends to retune their car for free.  I knew I had the ability, skill, and knowledge, I just wanted to apply it.

At this point I had majority of my friends racing on my tunes with much success and my friends happier because their cars drove so much better.  Word got out to a few local shops, and I started tuning for them on occasion.    



Life Happens

In 2010 I was laid off when the company I work for downsized dramatically.  At that point I asked the local shops that knew me if they needed an engine builder, tuner, or OCD tech.  Had a job the next day at one of our local shops.

Stayed at that shop for about 1.5years then received a better offer from another shop, which I accepted. Stayed at the new shop just over 2 years being a tech, and tuner. Didn't build a lot of engines for them only a few.  

Then received a better offer from another local shop to go strictly build engines and tune them, rarely be a tech. Offer accepted!!! At this shop we averaged 3 engine builds a week, and 3-5 tunes a week for almost 3 years.  Building engines and tuning those engines along with other vehicles from all over the US with nothing but success.

In 2016, I decided it was in my best interest to start my own business.  As any of the shop owners will say, I'm hard to work with, I'm very OCD, perfectionist, and extremely passionate about my work.  As well stand my ground on my builds and tunes, which this creates lots of tension in the workplace.  So I took it upon my self, to start my own business so this isn't an issue anymore.

With mutual respect and beliefs, I left my employer, but still tune for him as well.

So D.A.P. Tuning begins      



D.A.P. Tuning

With all this being said, I strive to deliver nothing but the best engine builds and tunes for my customers. I want every car to leave with the drive quality and reliability of a completely stock vehicle, but the optimum performance of the engine safely.  Yes this is my job, and my income, but here at D.A.P. Tuning,  we are still in the sport for the sport, not just the money.  We are passionate  gear heads that love fast and fun cars.  We absolutely love the smile on our face and the customers after driving a car we build or tune.  All in all, we are here to have a great time, and deliver an amazing product that we have a lot of pride in.