2008 Tundra 5.7L CrewMax TRD



Hi everyone, this is Dustin From D.A.P. Tuning.  We are doing this blog to help inform Tundra owners out by explaining the pros and cons to modifying their tundra.  Along the way we may run into issues, and you may get to learn a little about working on you tundra also.


Left: Donkey sitting at the car lot before we purchased it.     Thanks to the guys at Extreme     Autoplex for a great truck at a great price.



The trip home

Our drive home from Houston was 261miles.  We managed to avg. 90MPH on the way home, but we avg. 12.6MPG.  Donkey drove great, rides great, and everything seemed really good, especially for a truck with 173,000miles.  

Left: Donkey seems to just be getting broke in



First Full Day with the truck

Day one of getting a little bit of time in our new test truck has shown some interesting signs. One of the recalls on our truck is the ECU update from Toyota(which was never done). We found out today a few things about this. 

1: we can "2 foot" drive this truck, which the truck was never supposed to be like that.

2: The truck pulled to 121mph, which is way beyond what the factory gov. is supposed to be.

just some interesting facts.


Hopefully Wed morning we will have this truck on the dyno to see the numbers it makes on our dyno. We have yet to alter the truck in any way.

Videos and graphs will be posted on the dyno for everyone to see, as well we are hoping we can find an open track to run it on to get some numbers.

After this, we will be loading our Stage1 tune on the truck to see the power gains, and try to get some track numbers as well.

BTW, Donkey(our test truck) is completely stock, with just over 173,000 miles.

Stay tuned for more details.


Radio Reception


Dang Antenna

So the antenna was missing and seemed to have fallen down in the fender, well thats what it looks like to the non Tundra savy guy. (Ive tuned a lot of these trucks, but never owned one).  After a quick post to the members on DFWTC group page, I was quickly helped by a bunch of members, they even gave me the part number for the stuff i needed.


Failed Ornament (grommet)


I would have never known.

Here is the part that was needed along with the antenna.


Toyota Part #:



We now have radio reception


Antenna fixed

I also bought a stubby antenna from the local parts store and installed the grommet and antenna.   Thanks everyone in DFWTC!