Reflashing and Tuning


2007-2017 5.7L FFV an non FFV Tundra Tuning

4.6L:  Still under development, we do not offer a Reflash for the 4.6L yet due to the fact we have not tested enough of the 4.6L to offer a Reflash for them.

4.7L: Almost finished with devolpment on the 4.7L we have to custom tune the 4.7L on the dyno, however we are very close to having enogh testing done to offer a reflash for the 4.7L.  So far average gains on the 4.7L have been 19HP peak gain, and 22HP low and mid range gain, we are not able to adjust the shift points on the 4.7L, but we are able to firm up the shifts and shorten them dramatically, as well we can remove torque  management, and remove the governor.

5.7L Naturally Aspirated: Reflash is available as well as custom tuning.  Average power gains have been 15-20HP peak gain, and 20-30 low and midrange power gain.  We can remove the governor, change shift points for optimum power, remove torque management, along with some other custom request.

5.7L Supercharged, as we do offer a reflash for the 5.7L SC, we prefer to do each of these on the dyno to confirm safety and reliability.  The 5.7L SC have proven to be a special creature, and have tons of potential, please inquire by email, phone, of Facebook about a tune for your SC beast.

Prices: 4.6L&4.7L custom tune on dyno:                             $500.00 limited time only(discount for R&D)

5.7L Reflash no dyno     $400.00

5.7L Reflash with dyno   $500.00

5.7L Custom Dyno Tune $700.00


Scion FR-S/Subaru BR-Z

We do offer reflashes for the BR-Z/FR-S From stock to bolt ons NA, as well we offer custom tuning for the BR-Z/FR-S for boost, nitrous, or wild NA builds.  No COBB AP or ECUtech needed, we closed sourced tune them on stock ECU with our own software.

NA average gains:

MT 15HP peak and 20HP low and mid range.

AT 25HP peak and 30HP low and mid range.


Reflash no dyno                  $400.00

E85 Reflash no dyno           $450.00

Reflash with dyno                $500.00

E85 Reflash with dyno         $550.00

Custom Tune with dyno       $600.00

Custom E85 tune with dyno $650.00    



Infiniti Q50/Q60 3.0L TT

Infiniti reflash produces almost 400 wheel HP, 91 OCT min required, 18-19psi boost, makes these cars a beast!!!


Reflash no dyno            $400.00

Reflash with dyno         $650.00   


Other vehicles and Prices

If you do not see your application here, please contact us, we tune just about anything. We just didn't want to turn this page into a 400 page novel :-)